Puppet is a Human too 2016

11th International Festival of Puppet Theatre and Animated Films for Adults

9th October - 16th October 2016



Greetings from Portugal!

Animation prepared by authoresses of the "That's how it was" film, especially for the "Puppet is a Human too" Festival.

That's how it was
Joana Nogueira, Patrícia Rodrigues, 12’58”, Portugal, 2015

Thank you very much!


Awards of the 11th International Festival of Puppet Theatre and Film Animations for Adults „Puppet is a Human too”

Jury consisting of Krystyna Żuchowska (Chairman of the Jury), Livija Kroflin, Igor Kozakov, Bartek Miernik has decided to:

  • award special purpose of 5 000 PLN for the creation of a new show by the director and actors of the project "TRIP" - Department of Puppetry in Bialystok of the Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art
  • give an honorable mention in the amount of 2 000 PLN for the use of modern means of expression in theatre - "A House in Asia" Agrupacion Senor Serrano / Spain
  • admit two equal "For Expressing Theatre with a Puppet" awards of 6 000 PLN each
    • for creative work with the object - "I, Sisyphus" Puppet's Lab / Bulgaria
    • for creativity - "Rothko Chapel" Feikes Huis / The Netherlands
  • admit "For Expressing Life with a Puppet" actor award of 6 000 PLN to Companie La Pendue / France for the "Poli Degaine" spectacle

Due to outstanding performance presented by all of the teams this year, the Jury has decided not to grant the Grand Prix award.


The "Miraculous Moment" award for a beautiful moment of animation issued by the President of Impossible Theatre Union in the form of a bronze sculpture (a replica of Noemi sculpture from the "Options of Life" by professor Leszek Kołakowski" spectacle, originally crafted by Ewald Kornek) was granted to Alla Novikova, Lyudy i Lyalʹky Theatre for a theatrical revival of child's doll in the "Ecclesiastes" spectacle.


"A Hundred for the Point" students award (100 Euros) was granted to the Cloud Theatre for A Short Outline of Everything ("Krótki Zarys Wszystkiego") spectacle.


  • Father Tischner said that if the theatre does not say anything about the man, it is better to go for a beer. We therefore admit an award for the formulation of the truth about the man and the world.
  • For the balance of content and form.
  • For the ability to capture everything in a short outline.

Karolina Przystupa and Karolina Okurowska.


The "Blind Invitation for the next Festival edition" Audience Award was granted to Zero en Conducta, the creators of the "Allegro ma non troppo".


Film awards of the 11th International Festival of Puppet Theatre and Film Animations for Adults „Puppet is a Human too”

1st Award

No-Go Zone, Atelier Collectif, 10’, Belgium, 2016

No-Go Zone is a strong commentary on the condition of the modern world in which economic profit is more important than the common good.

The film proves that animation can become a critical instrument for evaluating political mechanisms we are all subjected to and also an effective medium of reflecting on the dangers that civilisation progress brings.


2nd Award

Kinki, Izumi Yoshida, 10’, Poland, 2015

The filmmaker rendered the formal side of the film with immaculate perfection, at the same time conveying the ambiguity of human emotions.

„Kinki” shows that abstract animation can engage the viewer as intensely as narrative films.


3rd Award

Beyond, Milán Kopacz, 10’, Hungary, 2015

Balcony, David Dell'Edera, 6’18”, Hungary, 2015

3rd Award goes to two Hungarian films which constitute a sensitive confrontation with our „now and here”, trying to redefine and grasp our existence in the social and physical space.

"Balcony" is an interesting commentary on social reality in which cry is a new form of communication with a unifying and not destructive force.

„Beyond" attempts at exploring what happens beyond reality, which we find difficult to define ourselves in relation to and which can only be experienced. The film presents thoughtfully the multi-dimensional nature of the way people experience the world.


Audience award

No-Go Zone, Atelier Collectif, 10’, Belgium, 2016


We know the titles of the competition films of the 11th edition of our festival

We know the titles of the competition films of the 11th edition of our festival We are happy to announce the films nominated to our competition at the 11th International Festival of Puppet Theatre and Animated Films for Adults PUPPET IS A HUMAN TOO.

  • Zawieszony / Suspended, Aleksandra Hildebrandt, 4’16”, Polska/Poland, 2015
  • Wstawać / Wake Up, Jakub Oleg Wojciechowski, 7’51”, Polska/Poland, 2016
  • #286 / #286, Einat Rudman, Shani Zaltsman, 5’21”, Izrael, Israel, 2015
  • Kosmos / Cosmos, Daria Kopeć, 2’30”, Polska / Poland, 2016
  • Po prostu film o / Just a biopic, Renske Cuijpers, 2'56", Holandia / Netherlands, 2015
  • Laboratorium / Laboratory, Natalia Nguyen, 8’, Polska/ Poland, 2015
  • Inaczej mówiąc / In Other Words, Tal Kantor, 6’, Izrael / Israel, 2015
  • Poza / Beyond, Milán Kopacz, 10’ Węgry / Hungary, 2015
  • Omen / Omen, Alicja Kłos, 3’55”, Polska / Poland, 2016
  • Lucky / Lucky, Kirsten Carina Geißer, Ines Christine Geißer, 11’, Niemcy / Germany, 2015
  • Gdzieś / Somewhere, Mélody Boulissière, 6’, Francja / France, 2016
  • Solo na dwie / Solo for Two, Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi, Kalina Duwadzińska, 4’14”, Polska / Poland, 2016
  • Kinki / Kinki, Izumi Yoshida, 10’12”, Polska / Poland, 2015
  • Eden / Eden, Efrat Dajan, 3'45", Izrael / Israel, 2016
  • Zdarzenie plastyczne / Ink meets blank, Tymon Albrzykowski, 5’11”, Polska / Poland, 2016
  • Człowiek zwany człowiekiem / A Man Called Man, Guy Charnaux, 3’33”, Kanada, Brazylia / Kanada, Brasil, 2015
  • Olbrzym / The Gentle Giant, Marcin Podolec, 10’41”, Polska / Poland, 2016
  • W twych murach / Within Thy Walls, Daniella Schnitzer Omer Sharon, 7'17", Izrael / Israel, 2015
  • Debiut / Debut, Katarzyna Kijek, 7'12", Polska / Poland, 2016
  • Balkon / Balcony, David Dell'Edera, 6’18”, Węgry/ Hungary, 2015
  • Welodrom/ Velodrool, Sander Joon, 6’12”, Estonia/ Estonia, 2015
  • Tak to było / That's how it was, Joana Nogueira, Patrícia Rodrigues, 12’58”, Portugalia/ Portugal, 2015
  • Gli.tch./ Gli.tch., Mikołaj Sęczawa, 3’34”, Polska/Poland, 2014
  • Kwiaty/ The Flowers, Limor Salman, 4'02", Izrael/ Israel, 2016
  • Co dzieje się w twoim mózgu, kiedy słyszysz niemieckie słowo takie jak…?/ What happens in your brain if you see a German word like...?, Zora Rux, 5’, Niemcy/ Germany, 2015
  • Hadarim/ Hadarim, Shlomi Yosef, 5'23", Izrael/ Israel, 2016
  • Ogród szczęsliwych umarlaków/ The Garden of Happy Dead People, Bożena Czech, 3’08”, Polska/ Poland, 2016
  • Między dniem a nocą/ Between Night and Day, Zespół “Akcja Animacja”, 2’, Polska, 2016
  • Zakazana strefa/ No-Go Zone, Atelier Collectif, 10’, Belgia/ Belgium, 2016
  • Ostatni Piątek/ The Last Friday, Gabriela Okuniewicz, 2'46", Polska / Poland, 2015
  • Rzeka / The River, Heeseon Kim, 8'36", Wielka Brytania, Korea / Great Britain, Corea, 2015
  • W szponach/ In the grip, Patrycja Żak, 2’55”, Polska/ Poland, 2015

Submit your film to International Festival of Puppet Theatre and Animated Films for Adults PUPPET IS A HUMAN TOO in Warsaw (Poland)

Feel invited to submit your film to Animated Film Competition for Young Artists organized within the scheme of International Festival of Puppet Theatre and Animated Films for Adults which takes place in Warsaw (Poland), 10-16 October, 2016.

International Festival of Puppet Theatre and Animated Films for Adults is a festival that combines two worlds, the world of theatre and cinema. Within the scheme of the festival we organize International Animated Film Competition for Young Artists (age limit for entrants is 30 years) which aims at presenting and promoting animated films for adults. Apart from competition the festival film programme includes special screenings, including awarded films from Animator 2016 Festival and experimental films from Austria). The festival film section will take place in Warsaw from 13-15 October, 2016.

To submit your film please send a link to a preview copy on-line and entry form to e-mail: film.festival@lalkatezczlowiek.eu.

Submission deadline 31st September 2016.

Competition's regulations are available here.



We are very pleased to introduce you the new website of 11th edition of the Puppet is a Human too Festival.

We made every effort to provide you the possibility of comfortable and intuitive navigating through our website this year, also on your mobile devices.

We work hard to present you the programme as soon as possible.

This year's edition of the Festival takes place between 7th-9th of October (screening of the animated films) and 10th-16th of October (theatrical performances).

Puppet is a Human too - Where did the idea originate from?

Constantly for many years we have been explaining that the art of animation, including the puppet theatre, is one of the languages of art.

  • It is not the mirror nor an infantile introduction to a real theatre and film
  • It is not a didactic method
  • It is not a pedagogical means for our loved ones
  • It is not a way to imitate anything

Of course, it can constitute all of this. Our desire is to persuade you, that there exist different languages of art, different levels of creativity, which are worth getting to know. To be amused by or to be touched by them, and if willing to reject, do it consciously.

We invite you to see puppet spectacles meant for adult audiences: starting with traditional theatre, ending with innovative forms. The Puppet is a Human too Festival is a contest, in which an international jury awards: the Best Actor, Creativity, the Festival’s Best Spectacle and a number of other awards.